45.79 lakh houses geo tagged as part of Intintiki Telugu Desam


Intintiki Telugu Desam receiving good response: CM

Chief Minister  N Chandrababu Naidu said the main focus of TDP is welfare of people, development of state and improving infrastructure. He said that the Initintiki Telugu Desam launched by TDP from Sept 11 has been received good response from people.

Speaking to media persons at his residence in Undavalli this evening the Chief Minister said that the TDP leaders covered 60 lakh families so far as  part of Intintiki Telugu Desam. He said for the first time in the country 45,79,228 families were geo tagged as part of the programme.

The TDP president said that the TDP leaders received 20,90,484 grievances from people during the Intintiki Telugu Desam. He said of the 12,322 were related to agriculture, 6,894 animal husbandry,84,621 related to food and civil supplies, 4,17,765 housing and 4,71,735 municipal administration and urban development and 3,25,042 revenue.

The Chief Minister said that they are giving training to 16,723 people  in the usage of app to solve the grievances of people in real time. He said that the main focus of TDP is to gain 80 per cent satisfaction level of people against 56 per cent at present. He said that The TDP government has been giving top priority for farmers and waived loans.

He said the TDP would cover 1.39 cr families as part of Intintiki Telugu Desam and the main focus of TDP is to win all the 175 constituencies.

Earlier the Chief Minister released a cassette of five songs of Intintiki Telugu Desam.

The Chief Minister stressed the need for completing Polavaram project. He said that there were some problems at present and the earth works were stalled due to financial problem. He said that the concrete work should be speeded up.

The Chief Minister said that he is proceeding to foreign tour to cover UK, US and Gulf countries to atltract investments. He said mega seed park would be developed in the state with the cooperation of IOwA university of US. He said he is going to receive peacock award for best governance from London.

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