Bodhidharma’s roots in  Srisailam: Prof T Raghu

Kungfu — ancient martial art of AP!

Bodhidharma the founder of Chan (Zen) in China  has deep roots in Andrha Pradesh and  belongs to early Pallava dynasty from Srisailam region of Andhra Pradesh, claims Prof T Raghu.

In his book Bodhidharma retold – A journey from Sailum to Shaolin released by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu yesterday, the author in a path breaking revelation stated that the title Shaolin temple is derived from the geographical location Srisailam. Sailum over the years of alternative pronounciation became Shaolin.

Speaking to media persons here today, the author said that Kungfu-the mother of martial arts origin is also from Andhra Pradesh. He said that in the present volume he explained on the  Chinese side of Bodhidharma’s history and in the second volume to be released in three months he will explain the Indian side of Bodhidharma’s life from Andhra Pradesh.

He said Yakshas were one of the tribes in the land around Srisailam region. Interestingly these Yakshas (Jakkus or Chenchus of today) also find place in Shaolin temple where the staff is named after them and Yakshas are worshipped.

The author said that there should be wide debate on the subject in universities and colleges. He said that a Zen park monastery should be developed in Srisailam region to protect and high light roots of Bhodhidarma.

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