Plan Conservation of Water More Carefully..

CM Chandrababu urged officials

The Chief Minister reviewed the impact of ‘‘Jalasiriki Haarathi’’, the state-wide awareness program held last month. According to a water audit completed yesterday, the state has had a total inflow of 810 TMC since then, which accounts for 56% of the water stored in the last six months.

The audit said that until yesterday, the total inflow in the state was 4,390 TMC, which includes rainfall and inflow from neighboring states. Now, one third of the mobile irrigation tanks are full, and around the state has received 600 mm rainfall. 9 out of 13 districts are doing better than last year, with better irrigation and water storage.

The Chief Minister urged officials to plan the conservation of water more efficiently, and there must be a change not only administratively, but ideologically.

“Conservation techniques like harvesting, and management of resources like ground water must be the highest priority, so that we can be prepared for dry spells”-CM

The Chief Minister also monitored the status report of all our water resources through the online portal,

During the inspection of the Polavaram project, the concrete work has reached 3.43 lakh cubic metres, and the earthwork excavation has reached 759 lakh cubic metres, out of 1,055 lakh cubic metres.

“Service providers and contractors must continue their support to the government, and help us stick to the timelines”, he said, regarding the inspection of the irrigation projects across the state.

The Marala reservoir and Cherlopally reservoir are ready for inauguration. The Adavipalli reservoir and the Madakasira Branch Canal beyond the Gollapalli reservoir will be completed by the end of November. The Nellore and Sangam barrages will be completed by the end of October.

The Gandikota CBR Lift, the K. L. Rao Pulichintha project and the SH-31 road work will be ready to be inaugurated in November.

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